Develop Your Key Managers to Make the Noise Go Away

A first-in-command who has a lot of noise might:

  • Feel anxiety and doubt about the business
  • Have low trust that things will be accomplished
  • Be the only person who brings value to outside relationships
  • Feel the need to do everything himself or herself
  • Feel as if he or she is the only one in the business losing sleep
  • Check up on every detail of the business because he or she doesn’t know what is going on
  • Be so busy doing everything but not have time to do what he or she does best
  • Follow up on things multiple times until the items are completed

Unfortunately, noise turns into lost productivity, frustration, turnover, health problems and decreased income.

This transition from owning to being owned is very typical of many chief executive officers, presidents, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. They get into business with dreams of great freedom but end up with a lot of things running through their heads day and night. This is what many of those CEOs or first-in-commands call “noise.”

The solution? The Noise Reduction System™.

First in commands are finding the noise to be overwhelming in their lives and their businesses. The typical FIC spends less than 20% of his/her time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.
The book, and now the system, are helping FICs reduce or eliminate the noise through a full developmental plan for a second in command, to help them spend 80% of their time doing what they do best.

Reading the book is insightful and gives good ideas, however, real change and execution comes through a more intense and thorough understanding and application of the principles. The Noise Reduction System™ provides this understanding and adds the elements of working with other second in commands to see true behavior change.

Second in Command

We have found that the majority of business leaders (FICs and SICs) end up reaching a point in their careers where they are so overwhelmed with things (noise) that keep them from doing what they do best, that they end up being non-productive. That non-productivity costs them money and makes the rest of the organization less productive as well.

A second in command will learn:

  • Upward communication strategies to take things off the FICs mind so he/she doesn’t worry
  • Innovation implementation strategies
  • Client management techniques
  • Understanding the power of values and applying it in the business
  • Proactive culture management
  • Decision making strategies to make better decisions the first time
  • Performance management techniques to get more productivity and better results from employees
  • How to not repeat mistakes in the company
  • How to reinterpret the FIC message to “connect” with the employees

These are a few of the 26 different tools we go through. Each of these tools would individually pay for the cost of the class, when implemented in the organization. Experience the System. Realize the Results.

You are invited to attend a Noise Reduction Workshop™.

Come and see your potential with the Noise Reduction System™. You will learn how the program has already transformed hundreds of FIC’s & SIC’s lives by Making the Noise Go Away!