There’s a Better Way to Find and Hire Qualified Employees!

  • Do you spend too much time searching for candidates?
  • Do you find it difficult to make the right hiring choices?

One of the challenges that businesses face is finding the right people to work for them. Placing ads, screening resumes, interviewing and assessing skills take a great deal of time and resources, and in most cases, you still end up with a new employee that isn’t a good fit for the job. Employee turnover is costly for a business and affects productivity, and ultimately profitability.

What if You Had a Better, Less Painful and More Effective Way to Get New Employees?

Our New Hire Recruiting Services clearly identify candidates qualities to determine the best place for them within your company. We go beyond what is on their resume, and fully assess their skills and personality to create a profile of that person, that is then matched to the right role.

By using SMB Growth Partners for your next hire you can take advantage of the following services and streamline the hiring process:

  • Custom Candidate Screening Questionnaires
  • Effective Filtering Tools
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Job Description Creation
  • Custom Pre-Employment Application
  • Ad Placement on Multiple Job Boards
  • Applicant Screening and Assessments
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Background Checks

You can find the best talent available and realize less turnover, a more productive workforce and improved teamwork among managers and employees.

Best of all, our hiring services are scalable, affordable and easy to implement. Whether you want to Do It Yourself or you prefer a Full Service Solution we can help. We offer several options for your hiring needs.

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