The Kelsey Group offers a variety of services focused on two primary objectives: Increasing the value of the clients business and improving the overall effectiveness of the leadership team. Our services include:

Peer Advisory Boards
Boards are comprised on non-competing businesses that meet for a half day monthly that also include individual private coaching sessions each month. Learn More

Executive Coaching / Development
We offer monthly private coaching sessions to business owners or key executives independently of our Peer Boards or as part of our Peer Boards. These sessions are 60-90 minutes in duration and are intended to help the owner discover alternative solutions to challenges, pros and cons of those alternatives and to share unbiased outside perspective. Each session will set goals to be achieved for the following session. A key component of each session is accountability with the goal to accelerate the results that are declared important.

Employee Recruiting and Screening
This service is a hybrid between do-it-yourself or hire a contingent recruiter. We follow an objective, proven process to identify and screen qualified candidates for employers. Learn More

TTI Personnel Assessments
Using Target Training International (TTI) world class assessment tools, we can determine the likely behaviors, motivators, emotional quotient, competencies and acumen of individuals and how these attributes relate to the actual needs of the job / position. Learn More

Job Benchmarking
With Job Benchmarking we develop a profile for the position based on input from all stakeholders [as if the position could talk]. As a result, we are able to compare an applicant’s profile to that of the position and as a result make a much more aligned hiring decision.

Strategic Planning and Planning Workshops
Workshops range from half-day events to full or multi-day retreats with the companies’ leadership team. We use TAB’s SBL (Strategic Business Leadership) planning tool as a guide.

The Noise Reduction System
Our Noise Reduction System (NRS) Training is designed to develop direct reports to the leader of the business so as to free the leader from “noise” or distractions that prevent them from doing what they want to do. Classes meet monthly for twelve months and cover 26 tools / concepts. Learn More

Employee Feedback Surveys / Focus Groups
These services solicit staff feedback to gain insight to impediments to growth or to resolve personnel conflict. As a third party, we are able to gain more insight in these confidential sessions to understand if there are issues that impact productivity or moral.

Business Development
Through internal and external evaluations, this service focuses on differentiating your business from your competitors and assessing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing messages in order to capture and convert more opportunities. Learn More

Sales / Sales Process / Sales Management Support and Coaching
By sharing decades of practical experience, we conduct assessments and work with your sales resources to maximize their effectiveness. This can simple audits or on-going assessing and coaching of sales people or managers.

Customer Surveys
These third party phone interviews are effective at uncovering critical information from our clients customers that is extremely beneficial for developing more effective marketing tactics and improved messaging that ultimately increase opportunities and conversion rates.