This section includes questions and answers to frequently asked questions regarding our services. They are grouped by the different areas of our services, below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Peer Boards & Coaching Go To Top

How is TAB different from other peer boards?

  1. TAB offers a 4 hour board meeting once a month, and limits the board size to 10 or 11 non- competing businesses. Every participant gets the opportunity each month to present a problem, concern, opportunity, about which they would like advice.
  2. Each member receives a 60 to 90 minute monthly private session with a TAB certified business coach.
  3. Access to two business coaches
  4. No subscription plan. Month to month billing only.

What is a Peer Board?

A board of business owners that meets on a regular basis to discuss common business issues. Owners keep each other accountable to do what they deem necessary to improve their business.

How can owners of businesses in unrelated industries possibly help me run my business?

80% to 90% of the issues are related to running a business, not industry specific. Everyone has personnel issues, finance issues, business development issues, etc. What TAB members get is “out of the box” advice, because it is coming from someone outside of your industry.

What is the time commitment?

Each member is required to attend at least 9 to 10 of the 12 monthly, 4 hour board meetings, as well as the monthly coaching session. However, owners must be committed to improving their organization and implement the things that they agree will be beneficial to their organization.

Suppose I don’t like some of the recommendations I receive?

The process cannot MAKE anybody do anything. But if the individual commits to doing something that they have indicated will be good for their organization, there is an accountability to get it accomplished.

Recruiting & Screening Go To Top

What are the key benefits from your New Hire Recruiting service?

Our service offers two primary benefits: 1) We eliminate most all of the administrative work and hassle associated with a planning for, recruiting and screening job candidates, and 2) we increase the quality of the candidates presented to our clients.

Are you a recruiting agency?

No. We are not fee or contingent-based recruiters and we do not guarantee a placement of a candidate. We offer a hybrid approach from a do-it-yourself model and more expensive contingent recruiters. Many companies have made poor hiring decisions in the past that have serious consequences to the company. We use tools and processes that streamline the process and ensure the candidates are an ideal fit for the position.

What is involved with your service?

Our services represent a process that includes:
a. Refining the job description in coordination with our clients
b. Doing a position profile before we advertise
c. Building a pre-employment application using the new hire proprietary software
d. Placing an ad on multiple portals that will run for 30 days
e. Selecting and phone screening candidates
f. Delivering clients a short list to select from for more in-depth interviews (we participate as appropriate)
g. Conducting behavioral profiles for the most promising 2-3 candidates
h. Assist with preparing offers
i. Conduct background checks

How are your fees established?

We charge a one-time fee based on the salary expectation for the position to be filled. Our fees generally represent 10% of the first year compensation and our fees include a variety of position and candidate assessments and a guarantee.

What is your guarantee?

Should Client hire a candidate from the process described above, SMB Growth Partners will provide a 90-day replacement guarantee from the date of hire, as provided to SMB Growth Partners in writing. If, for any reason, the candidate hired leaves or is asked to leave Client’s company, SMB Growth Partners will begin searching for a replacement candidate at no additional charge.

TTI Personnel Assessments Go To Top

Who is TTI?

Target Training International (TTI) is an organization that provides innovative research into the mindsets, behaviors, emotional intelligence, skills and relationships of individuals. TTI has created a bevy of validated assessments, which are leveraged to solve the many business challenges of corporate America.

Is this another type of personality test?

The assessments go far beyond personality assessments. Among other things, they measure how (observable behaviors) and why (personal motivators) individuals perform the way they do, and the acumen they possess to be successful.

What is the purpose of assessments?

Generally they are 3 major purposes:

  1. Provide another tool to assist in making a more informed decision on hiring, which increases the likely hood of getting the right person on the bus and in the correct seat.
  2. Improve communications between individuals within an organization which in turn increases productivity.
  3. A tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of employees and establish career development plans.

The Noise Reduction System™ Go To Top

What is the structure of the program?

The NRS program is a facilitator-led twelve (12) month training program with each session (or class) being held once a month lasting approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Each session will have between 6 and 10 participants that will stay together for the duration of the program and will work through 10 modules and 27 tools associated with the program.

Is this a program on delegation?

No. This program is unique in that it teaches the Second in Command (SIC) how to assume responsibility for what is distracting the First in Command (FIC) and then how to communicate upward in a way that builds confidence in the FIC, thereby reducing or eliminating the noise he / she may be experiencing.

Is this a national program, or developed locally?

The NRS is a national program developed by Larry Linne, author of the book: Make the Noise Go Away – The Power of an Effective Second in Command. SMB Growth Partners has been licensed to bring the program to the St. Louis metro area.

Why was the Noise Reduction System™ developed?

The NRS was developed based on the realization that most leaders of an organization spend on average less than 20% of their time doing what they did best and liked to do. In fact, he had a client say to him “I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to have freedom in my life. I wanted financial freedom and time freedom. Now that I own the business, I have neither. I don’t own this business—this business owns me!” Developed nearly a decade ago, the NRS sole focus is to increase the areas of focus and productivity of business owners and leaders.

Is the program offered online?

No. One of the key aspects of the program is the interface and group interaction with the other SICs in attendance. We have found that the group environment and joint workshops helps to reinforce each of the key principles as well as help to increase retention of the materials and tools.

Who attends each session?

Both the FIC and SIC will attend the first and last session with each SIC attending all twelve sessions.

How much does the program cost?

Each participant pays a tuition generally ranging from $4000 to $7500, depending on individual client needs. Tuition is a one-time fee and is invoiced at the beginning of the program.

Where does the training take place?

Answer: Locally in the St. Louis area. Existing classes are conducted in the Fenton, MO area.

What if my company does not have only one SIC, but, several SICs (e.g., multiple Vice Presidents or Directors)?

The NRS is designed for any upper-level reporting relationships in a company, whether it is a CEO / COO relationship, Owner / General Manager relationship or Director / Manager relationship. The focus of the program is to eliminate the noise, or distractions, that prevent the leader(s) of an organization from being as effective as they could be. Our program is designed to accommodate multiple SICs within an organization.

Is there any extended training available after completion of the program?

Yes. There are two types of training offered after the basic program – individual coaching for each SIC at whatever level is determined appropriate as well as on-going support groups for those SICs that find value with confidential support form their peers.

Business Development Go To Top

What services do you provide?

Our services help business owners avoid costly mistakes with sales and marketing investments. Our focus is to-fold: for sales, it’s on helping you get the right people in the right role and assisting with the development of sales people. For marketing, our focus is on helping you differentiate your business, improving your messaging, understanding the real motivations as to why clients / customers hired you in the first place and the importance of understanding all touch points with your marketplace. We do not provide agency services such as graphic design, copywriting, web development, etc. We are advisors to business owners.

What is your process?

We start with an in-depth business evaluation and individual assessments. From there we develop a plan and recommendations to improve either sales or marketing effectiveness. In most cases, we will conduct independent confidential interviews with your clients / customers to help understand their motivation and criteria for selecting your company over others.

How do I know what I need?

Simply contact us for an initial consultation. There’s no charge and we won’t try to sell you anything if we know we cannot help. Or, you can start by downloading our Audit